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ForwardFood Comes to UTSG!

In late June, our entire culinary team spent two intensive and incredible days learning about plant-based cooking with Chef Allison Hannon in conjunction with Riana Topan who represented the Humane Society of Canada. It was an inspiring and totally delicious learning experience for us all.

Chef Allison showed the team how to make astonishingly delicious vegan “cheese” nachos (which were an incredible combination of potato, carrot, oil and dried spices), and demonstrated how to make the most delicious meringue cookies using aquafaba-literally the ‘bean water’ from preserved cans of beans, such as chick peas in this case, as a base.

Our chefs made a variety of breakfast, lunch and dinner items and all kinds of wonderful new salads and desserts. Chef Allison demonstrated that there are endless flavour possibilities when cooking a vegan diet. We all saw that plant-based cooking is delicious, creative, nutritional and very satisfying. The dishes prepared by our team were scrumptious, nutritionally robust and beautifully presented.

Learn more about the Forward Food and check out some of our wonderful photos from the event here!