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Celebrate Ontario Asparagus!

Fresh Ontario asparagus is now in season!

To honour this delicious and sensational vegetable, we are featuring it prominently in our delicious June Sandwich of the Month: Prosciutto and Grilled Asparagus on a Croissant (one of the pictures above)!

It’s just delicious!

Asparagus is known as a “cousin” to the humble onion, and there are records of this lovely vegetable being available in ancient Egypt, Rome and Greece. It was considered such a valuable and delectable dish that it was even offered by these ancient peoples up to the gods in sacrifice!

Asparagus has also long been known to have medicinal elements, and the ancient Greek physician Hippocrates, correctly deduced its diuretic properties.

The main types of asparagus grown in Ontario are green; the Viking and Centennial varieties specifically. White asparagus, considered to be the more ‘aristocratic’ version of the vegetable, are only grown on about three acres of Ontario farmland altogether.

Enjoy fresh Ontario asparagus while the season lasts!


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