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April 13, 2022 | Recipes

Quick and Easy Lunch Wrap Recipes

Do you ever find yourself not sure what to pack for lunch? Wraps are a great meal to take with you on the go and are easy to make. You can also customize the fillings to suit different eating patterns or palettes. We’re sharing a black bean vegetable wrap and grilled chicken wrap recipe with you to take for lunch! Enjoy your wrap with a salad topped with a tangy white wine vinaigrette as a side.

Vegetarian or Grilled Chicken Wrap Recipe

Wrap Ingredients

12″ Whole Wheat Tortilla
Black Beans 56 g or Grilled Chicken Breast 105 g
Sliced Roma Tomatoes
Baby Spinach
Sautéed Mushrooms

Grilled Chicken Instructions

  1. Season chicken breast with oil, salt and pepper.
  2. Place chicken breast on the grill.
  3. Rotate the chicken once on each side to develop grill marks.
  4. Grill chicken for 10-12 minutes, until internal temperature reaches 165F.
  5. Slice the Chicken Breast

Sautéed Mushrooms Instructions

  1. Slice mushrooms
  2. Cook mushrooms on a griddle with a small amount of oil until mushrooms are soft
  3. Season with salt and pepper

Assembling Your Wrap

  1. Place baby spinach, black beans, sliced tomato, sliced avocado, and sautéed mushrooms in the middle of the tortilla.
  2. Fold the sides inwards over the filing.
  3. Roll the warp over the filling; tucking as you roll.
  4. continue rolling until your wrap is seam side down.

Side Salad with White Balsamic Vinaigrette


Spring Mix 84 g
Cherry Tomatoes 56 g
Cucumbers 28 g
Carrots 28 g
Red Onions 28 g
White Balsamic 7.5 ml
Dijon Mustard 0.75 g
Olive Oil 17.5 ml
Salt and Pepper to taste 0.025 g


  1. Slice cherry tomatoes in half.
  2. Slice cucumbers crosswise.
  3. Julienne carrots.
  4. Slice onions crosswise.
  5. Combine vegetables with spring mix.
  6. In a bowl whisk together the dijon mustard and vinegar.
  7. While whisking, pour in the olive oil.
  8. Season with salt and pepper.
  9. Top off your salad with the vinaigrette.